Cremation is a very clean and rapid method of reducing a loved one's remains.

In cremation, the pet is laid on the hearth of the preheated unit, and the door is shut. Cremation of an average-sized pet takes about 2 hours. When the process is complete, the remains (mainly bone pieces) are swept out, cooled, and put through an electric processor to reduce fragments to a uniform size.

Remains are placed in an urn of the owner's choice, and packaged for return. Each pet's remains from a private cremation are returned in a gift bag, wrapped in tissue, and include a card from Rest Assured.

Rest Assured is located on Hwy 99N, near the Eugene Airport. We offer a comfortable reception area featuring our grief library and urn/keepsake selection.

We are the only pet cremation service in Oregon with the required Department of Agriculture permit.

We have two top-of-the -line cremation units, both manufactured in Florida . They are human-quality units with very high standards for emissions and concern for the environment.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and attention to detail is very important to us.

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