If it would be meaningful to you to have a keepsake of your cherished pet, you may consider one of the following special tokens of your continued affection for your pet.

"Keepsake pendants serve as a symbol of continuing love...a reassuring remembrance to keep close to one's heart...

The pendant is a small decorative vessel that holds a portion of the pet's cremated remains or a clip of hair, and is easily filled and sealed. Pendants may be worn or displayed in our Keepsake Domes. Keepsake pendants can be engraved at any local jeweler or engraver."

Pendants may also hold a small lock of hair. Some styles are also available in a gold overlay. Please call for availability, or to place an order.

Paw Heart
Double Heart
Plain Heart
Full Filigree Heart

Half Filigree Heart
Filigree Cylinder

Plain cylinder
Plain Cross
Filigree Cross

Yarn Ball
Statue Cat


Sea Shell
Multi Dolphin
Two Dolphins

Flat Rose

All domes are $50.

Glass domes are a special way to display your pendant, if you choose. We have the following styles available:

Pewter Dome
Brass Dome

Walnut Dome
Oak Dome with Oak Top

Oak Dome with Brass Top


The Green Raku votive candle holder is designed just for us, by Amy Palatnick of Eugene, OR. A small portion of cremated remains are sealed into the base, and the remainder are returned in a decorative tin, unless the owner chooses otherwise. Every time the candle is lit, your pet is remembered in a special way. Excellent for keeping a little of the remains close, and also leaving some to scatter if desired.

Votive Candle Holder,one size [Item #VH] $60

*All of these items are special ordered. Delivery may take up to two weeks.

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